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The EMBER Project – is an attempt to bundle an education, medical perspectives, and lifestyle blog into a larger experiment on the innovative use of technology, social media and other online tools in medical education. I don’t know how my more serious colleagues will resonate to the idea of an EM blog with the tag lifestyle attached to it, but hang in there for now and you can opt out when I start posting about which banana bread recipe to use if you need to make up with your nursing staff.

The intent of this blog is to offer content that reveals what makes us good, share new tools that will offer ideas on how we can get better, and stay healthy doing it. For those of you who live, work, and breath Emergency Medicine, and devour online education by wearing out your Flipboard app, this is what happens when an EM education blog, turns philosophical treatise, and searches for well-being in our our daily practice.

Somewhere out there is an ideal world where learning can become a lifestyle, where content fits your specific needs, where people share their knowledge and experience freely, and where feet don’t hurt at the end of a shift.  Somewhere a collective wisdom about our daily EM practice brings us all closer together, working for the common cause of being better, healthier, and happier caregivers. The EMBER Project has big dreams of becoming a small part of that change, I hope you will follow me here.

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  • carolynncarreno

    i frankly think that knowing a good banana bread recipe–or at least a good chocolate chip cookie recipe–is handy for many emergency scenarios. seriously though, i recently had to go to the ER to visit a friend who drank himself there and spent 5 days in the hands of patient docs and nurses, coming back to life. all i can say is, I do not know how you do it. meanwhile, all i do is write about, well, you know… banana bread ‘n’ stuff. speaking of which: I think i’ll go work on a good recipe. toasting the walnuts before adding them to the batter is key. keep saving lives!

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