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Evernote Meet Google


Maybe it’s a hold-over from my childhood days, but September is the month of organization.  You know, the ritual purchasing of three-ring binders, pencil holders, graph paper, all with the hope and optimism that this year things will stay organized.  Inevitably by the end of the year you’re digging around your overstuffed backpack for that piece of paper with the homework assignment on it.

Now instead of three-ring binders I hoard information online: downloading, tagging, and clipping, all in the vain hope that it will stay organized for some future use. And why not.  I spend a lot of time reading and searching online for emergency medicine information for my particular learning needs. Unfortunately, most of it collects digital dust on my hard drive or cloud – the junk drawers of the digital age.

So here is a great new tool that is actually getting me to use the information I’ve already collected.  Evernote meet Google.  Evernote now allows you to simultaneously search Google and your Evernote folder on any web browser.  Want to review subtle ECG findings suggestive of STEMI?  Type STEMI into Google and it gets you 1,700,000 hits, but now it also gives me 3 notes from my Evernote account.  Since I’ve already clipped these to my account the likelihood that they are valuable to me at the moment I want it is high.

Sure enough clicking on the Evernote icon shows me I have an article from Amal Mattu about high risk ECGs, a review of subtle STEMI patterns by Dr Smith from his ECG blog, and a link to another good online ECG education site.

Wow, my preselected information side by side with the power of Google, all at my fingertips on a web browser.  Finally, I’m ready for school (can I redo fifth grade please)?


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Tools to Live By – EVERNOTE

I’m forever trying to find better ways to collect and organize the emergency medicine resources I find valuable.  Over time the tools to do this continue to get more sophisticated. There are really three things that are essential for a good organizational app. It must be easy to use, it should be accessible across multiple platforms, and it has to have the ability to share and manipulate stored files. Evernote has all of this in spades, and may be the only app you need to keep your digital EM life organized.

In an earlier post “Keeping it Together” (where I talked about tools to help you get organized for the next time you need to get to be credentialed) I highlighted Dropbox and Google Documents as organizational tools. I still use both of these for cloud storage and sharing, but neither of them has the elegance or sophistication of Evernote’s interface when it comes to quickly inputting and retrieving audio, notes, pictures or any other digital snippet you need to stash away for later.

One of the features I’m exploring now is Evernote’s ability to share folders. This feature has a great deal of potential for EPs to share and collaborate in a less static format. For example important protocols (like which patients fulfill criteria for tPA in stroke) can be updated and shared in this way, allowing physicians at the bedside to always have the latest version on their mobile device.

My favorite shared folder at the moment is from Michelle Lin and her Paucis Verbis cards on the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine Site. If you are playing around with Evernote and want to get these cards click here for the link on how to do it.  By the way, congratulations to Dr. Lin for passing the 100 card milestone.

If anyone has any great Emergency Medicine related folders they want to share or have other uses for Evernote related to EM please let me know and we will put it up here for everyone.


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