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Busy Health News Day Over @NYTs

It’s been a busy news day in health over at the New York Times.  There are two good articles to read.  The first is yet another great piece on the lack of benefit found for stents and stable… Read More

Smart Phones & Emergency Medicine

iPhones and iPads (we can start calling them smartphones and tablets when there is actually some competition) are continuing to revolutionize medicine.  This article in the New York Times technology section highlights some of the current options available… Read More

Who Are Emergency Physicians?

I have often tried to explain to friends and family what it is I do, since I find it hard to describe all of the aspects of my job in a concise way. To my ears, most explanations… Read More

I See Dead People – A Journey Into Medicine’s Heart of Darkness

Does anyone remember the movie, The Sixth Sense?  The twist, as everyone knows now is that Haley Joel Osment’s character is not just a disturbed little boy, but actually sees ghosts (really, you didn’t know? sorry), and the… Read More

Hot off the Press

I used to love all those “myths in medicine lectures” as a resident.  For a while I collected evidence-based Myth-buster articles like trophies, and to me the truth hunters who unearthed and dispelled these myths were heroic dragons… Read More

Google Doctor Graduates

Oh happy day. Google Doctor Graduates!!!  Team Google has announced a new feature of its search engine that caught my attention.  Apparently (although I tried it today without success) if you have some unexplained symptom and go to… Read More

Tools to Live by – Doxie Go

This Tools to live by is a followup to the Keeping it Together post today.  Here’s a great tech option to help you get all your credentialing paperwork together.  It has been a long time since my personal… Read More