What is the Protected Airway?

Resuscitationists don’t perform elective intubations. When we make the decision to intubate our patient is already sick and on a trajectory towards death unless we intervene. But critically ill physiology combined with endotracheal intubation comes with many challenges: the unpredictable nature of emergency airways, and the high stakes, low frequency events that go along with them can be a recipe for disaster. You need an arsenal of high level skills in your pocket to stay ahead of the game and out of trouble.

The Protected Airway is an education resource focused on bringing the best airway knowledge out there under one roof, and designing high quality learning tools to help you master the concepts and skills you need to safely manage any airway emergency.  We named it the “The Protected Airway” because it embodies the true purpose of any airway intervention: protecting your patient from harm.

This site is the hub for finding continually updated airway-focused content, and where we will roll out new tools like our Flipping the Airway project to provide you with a collection of unique learning resources that harness the full breadth of FOAM education and embodies our vision for 21st century learning.

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Are created and edited by our airway experts with all the things you need to know to protect your patient’s airway. They are also designed to reduce the amount of passive lecture time and increase the amount of valuable hands on learning we can offer during our two day course.

Instead of lectures we will be translating our course leaders’ knowledge in innovative and creative ways, with a focus on HOW WE LEARN. These learner-driven modules will be engaging, self-paced, multi-media, and combine the best of FOAM along with original content from our airway knowledge leaders. They will include tools such as:

  1. A self assessment quiz to get you started, and make your studying more focused.
  2. Bundled learning tools covering all aspects of the topic.
  3. Bite sized notes, video clips and slides to drive home and  highlight core concepts.
  4. A quick “Summary in 5” podcast from our knowledge leaders for a quick review on the subway.
  5. Cognitive tools and mobile resources designed for quick knowledge review and for use at the bedside
  6. Guest posts and interviews with airway experts from around the country and the world.
  7. Some surprise bonus airway goodness (I don’t want to spoil it, you’ll just have to check it out).

Combined with the EMBER Project blog and our annual Airway & Procedure Course  these teaching tools provide you a free comprehensive resource. You will be able to learn at your own pace throughout the year, give us feedback on what you want more of, ask questions, connect online with experts, and even view each module on Flipboard in a magazine-style format that you can bring with you to the course for true anywhere, anytime learning.

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