Are You Ready for the Head of the Bed?

The checklist manifesto of airway care.

Sorry this page isn’t ready yet. But that doesn’t mean it’s a dead end: you can find content for this topic within the Protected Airway Course Flipboard magazine or by clicking directly on the image below.

fullsizeoutput_1116Standing at the head of the bed means more than just “tubing someone.”  It means taking ownership of all aspects of the airway for that critically ill patient in your resuscitation bay.  The real test of your airway management skills begins long before you pass that endotracheal tube: it starts the moment you step into that box at the head of the bed, since most of the errors that will occur during the procedure start here (and can be prevented here) if you master the art of airway evaluation and preparation prior to the procedure.

The steps for intubation in a critically ill patient is too complex for any physician to remember each step without fail. Since the popularization of checklist by people like Atul Gawande in his book The Checklist Manifesto, no one has put more time and effort into translating these ideas into critical airway care than Dr Scott Weingart.

The Pre-Intubation Checklist
  • Predicted Difficult Airway?
  • Time for Awake Intubation? (If YES move to Awake Intubation Checklist)

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