Prometheus Stealing Fire - Christian Griepenkerl. c1878

Today marks day one, so first let me say hello from The EMBER Project – an education, medical perspectives, and lifestyle blog from an emergency physician.  I don’t know how my more serious colleagues will cotton to the idea of an EM blog with the tag lifestyle attached to it, but hang in there for now and you can opt out when I start posting about which banana bread recipe to use if you need to make up with your nursing staff.  Seriously though, who doesn’t like a good banana bread, and honestly who hasn’t had a mea culpa with a nurse or two that needs repairing.

More seriously, the EMBER Project, is an education outpost for exploring the new tools of online content for emergency physicians. The focus is to teach clinically relevant emergency medicine, help you make sense of the online education landscape, and offer strategies on how to get the good stuff directly to you in a way that supports your style of learning.  The goal is to provide content that is valuable to all levels of medical knowledge including non-medical readers interested in the life and perspectives on the house of medicine from an emergency physician’s perspective.

For those of you who live, work, and breath emergency medicine, and devour online education by wearing out your Flipboard app, this is your daily lifestyle blog meets Pinterest for EM, where you will find content relevant to all aspects our daily lives in emergency medicine. Don’t know what Pinterest is?  Don’t worry, just follow along.  Think of this as an outward bound program:  one that takes regular hikes through the online wilderness to deepen our understanding of specific EM topics, but with the added benefit of helping you become proficient with the tools necessary to master the online educational environment.  Along the way you will hear the musings of your guide (me), as well as the occasional (far smarter) pearls from guest experts about the daily things that matter to emergency physicians, as well as perspectives on the larger house of Medicine.

Somewhere out there is an ideal world where learning can become a lifestyle, where content fits your specific needs, where people share their knowledge and experience freely, and where feet don’t hurt at the end of a 12 (really 14 1/2) hour shift.  Somewhere out there, a collective wisdom about our daily EM practice brings us all closer together, working for the common cause of being better at what we do. The EMBER Project has big dreams of becoming a small part of that change, I hope you will join me by following ember project.org  and sharing in the journey.

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