Tools to Live by – Doxie Go

This Tools to live by is a followup to the Keeping it Together post today.  Here’s a great tech option to help you get all your credentialing paperwork together.  It has been a long time since my personal computing required me to sit chained to a desk in front of a bulky monitor, but scanners and printers seem a forgotten casualty of the mobile digital revolution.  Mostly they just sit on my desk taking up space that could be better used storing the junk mail and magazines I don’t ever look at.

While I rarely need to print anything anymore, the one thing I do have need of fairly often is a way to stuff paper documents back into the digital world.  So here you go.  The perfect mobile, storable, wi-fi scanner for getting all your paper credentials into your digital archives.  Doxie Go is here, check it out.

*I have no financial ties to any products I post about*

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