Google Doctor Graduates

Oh happy day. Google Doctor Graduates!!!  Team Google has announced a new feature of its search engine that caught my attention.  Apparently (although I tried it today without success) if you have some unexplained symptom and go to Google Doctor (but you would never do that would you?) you will get a new search algorithm working on your behalf.  Here’s what they have to say about it:

Every day, people search on Google for health information…to make the process easier, now when you search for a symptom or set of symptoms, you’ll often see a list of possibly related health conditions that you can use to refine your search (shown below).

This seems to be a very promising beginning, unfortunately the state of medical education is not what it used to be, and Google goes on to explain:

The list of health conditions you see is aggregated from what’s written on the web about the symptoms you searched. The list is not authored by doctors and of course is not advice from medical experts.

We hope this feature makes it easier and faster to research symptoms and related health conditions on Google. We’re humbled by the number of people who turn to Google with such important questions (as are we), and we are working especially hard to make our search results even more useful for health searches.

Thank you Google Doctor, I’m very happy you can come up with a differential diagnosis, now please stop sending all your patients to the ED and start doing the workup yourself.

Sincerely your friendly neighborhood ED physician.

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